CS4S Teachers' Network is like a community garden for teachers working in the New Zealand digital curriculum.

Plant the seed

Plant the seed

As a teacher, you have a wonderful opportunity to grow the future generation.

In the classroom, you nurture your students, planting seeds of knowledge. You collaborate with other educators, just like gardeners nurturing a community garden. Together, by supporting each other, the harvest is more bountiful than working alone.

Nurture each other to nurture our kids

CS4S Teachers’ network is a free, fun peer-to-peer network, a space to come together and share ideas and resources or ask questions.

There are so many exciting opportunities for teachers working in the digital curriculum – but there are challenges too. What tools and devices are out there? How do you use them in the classroom, and how does it relate back to students’ learning? How do you keep up with all the changes happening in digital technology?

Plant the seed

Grow your knowledge, grow switched-on kids

Join the CS4S Teachers’ Network and help build an amazing community resource – created by teachers for teachers.

You can learn from other teachers or share your expertise in your field.

Whether it’s robotics, coding or a new tech toy, CS4S Teachers’ Network is the place to find out more and discuss ideas.

You will be able to upload activities and lesson plans, or use resources created by other teachers. Search by curriculum level, age, resource or technology type.

There are user groups for speciality areas – from Micro:bits to Scratch coding.

Earn community badges for getting involved. You’ll get your first badge just for joining, and another one for setting up your profile. There are badges for sharing and downloading resources, and forum moderators receive recognition for their community service.

Enjoy the Harvest

As teachers contribute to the network, it will grow and thrive. Those who engage with the community will reap the benefits and enjoy the harvest.

Members have the opportunity to attend free professional development workshops to network with other teachers and grow their expertise in specific areas.

The CS4S Teachers’ Network is a great way to keep up with the latest developments for teaching the digital curriculum to Year 1 to 10 students in New Zealand. Become part of this amazing virtual community garden and join today!

Plant the seed

Nau te rourou, naku te rourou, ka ora te iwi

With my food basket and your food basket the people shall be fed

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